Things To Take Care Of When Journeying With Kids

Are you journeying with kids? When you are going with little ones, a ride can actually be a mini world war. Especially if there is more than one kid to deal with. And the most common problem that almost all the parents have to face is the ultimate vomiting experience!

Set the rules

You are the parent, and you need to set the rules. Especially you need to set the seat belt rule. You need to make it clear to all of your kids however big or small that no one is going anywhere without the seatbelt and the smaller ones in the car seater. It is very important that you lay out the rules clearly to your kids before journeying! Because they need to be able to understand them first before following them. Set the rules and clearly communicate it to them!

Have fresh air breaks

Whether you are journeying to a liveaboard diving remote location, or going into the next city you need to take regular breaks for the kids. Because keeping them buckled up in a single space might be one of their worst nightmares. And giving them some fresh air breaks will help keep their sanity. It will also get rid of the nausea and vomiting problem. But always make sure to give them each a bag that they can use to throw up. You can get the older kid to administer the younger ones in such a case.

 Keep them distracted

If you are going to Maldives liveaboard diving and you have a huge car drive to the airport ahead of you, you may want to keep the kids distracted from the length of the car drive. You can get them to play a word game or even talk about music. Singing is another very good distraction for kids when journeying. Yu can also try to keep up the conversation about the destination you are going to. You can talk about all the adventures they can expect and the things that they can purchase. Or you could even have a movie or some cartoon played on the player. The key point is to keep them distracted!

 Don’t forget the snacks!

 Snacks are the most important thing when it comes to long rides with kids. Don’t forget to take a favourite snack of each kid. And you will also need to take the similar ones for the siblings. Otherwise you will have a time putting off fights. Also make sure that you take enough water or drinks along with. It is best if you can have individual bottles for each kid. It will save you a lot of fighting time!