The Types Of Public Housing Available In Singapore

In Singapore there are many types of apartments available on the market but the most common ones out there are the public housing built by the House Development Board (HDB). During the time that Singapore was expanding and growing at a fast pace the government realized that there needs to be proper housing for its citizens given that they had limited space. Hence the house development board entered the fray and built housing complexes. According to statistics a majority of the population tends to live in these types of apartments. These types of flats tend to be a lot more affordable as well.

There are various types of apartments built by the board. Of course before I move on I must say that renovating these apartments aren’t that easy as there are a lot of rules that apply to it. Simple searching online for HDB renovation rules should give you the necessary details. Make sure that you are aware of all the requirements if you decide to renovate one of these apartments after you buy one.

The most basic ones are the studio apartments. They are ideally aimed for the more elderly citizenry who wishes to live on their own. But it is possible for two people to live in one. These are mainly aimed for people of moderate means but they tend to have features like non slip tiles to help the more elderly folk function safely at home.

Next you have the two room and three room apartments. The two room apartment is roughly the equivalent of a one bedroom apartment. It has the same features. The three rooms flat come with an extra room plus a significant upgrade from the two rooms flat. It tends to have a living room area plus a service area etc.

Moving on you get the four rooms and five rooms apartments. These are the ones more likely to be facing renovation as they have the most amount of space, but of course as said earlier you would have to do a search for HDB renovation rules you to learn of the sufficient requirements to renovate one of these apartments. The four rooms flats tend to come with a variety of layouts and you can select the one most suitable for you. This is the ideal option for a young couple starting out. The five rooms’ apartment is simply a larger version of this.

There is a slightly bigger version which is called three generation apartments. Of course the biggest by far are the executive flats these are pretty big indeed and they tend to come with a balcony as well sometimes. In addition to that the board seems to have spent most of their creative skill on this type of apartments. All in all you need to decide what your need is before you pick one of these models.