Importance Of Maintaining The Right Posture At All Times

When it comes to our bones structure, a wrong posture can make all the difference in the world. Especially if you have been doing it wrong over many years, there can be significant damage done and in worse cases may be even permanent!

Read below to learn the importance of maintaining the right posture and how you need to do it!

Aches and pains

When it comes to wrong postures and bad positions, you are bound to end up with a misplaced disk or muscle aches. These can cause severe aches and pains throughout the body. One of the most common especially among women is the slipped disk which can cause severe pain in one part of the body, the arms or legs and even throughout the body. You might notice constant swelling in one limb. The pains and aches can sometimes get very severe that you might be unable to sleep at night.

Unable to do things

When you injure yourself or you are diagnosed with slipped disk, you will have the problem of not being able to do all things that you would normally do. For instance, you will need to sit up straight and you might not even be able to stand up straight for long periods of time. It is very important that you maintain good posture, like when lifting weights you need to stop putting the strain on your waist and instead lift with your knees. If you have a worst case scenario then you may need to go for an orthroscopic surgery.

Be careful in how you lift

It is very important that you take extreme care in your posture whether it is sitting, standing or even lying down. You always need to make sure that you lift weights properly as well. Even a simple act like carrying your child can become the reason for all the aches and pains. You always need to make sure that you take extreme care in how you lift any weight. Making it strenuous to your spine could only make things worse, so be very vigilant in how your posture is at all times. Make sure that you pay a visit as early as possible to an orthopaedic clinic in Singapore if you experience pain.


 One of the most important things in life is being able to live a normal and healthy life. However, that is not possible if you are unable to move around or do things as freely as a normal person would. The main reason for this being experiencing aches and pains in your body. However, if you always maintain a good posture and take care in not hurting your bones or muscles, you will be able to live a pain free and healthy life always.