How To Throw A Budget ‘Born Day’ Party

It doesn’t matter whether you are 15 or 60 years old, birthdays are always something which people look forward to celebrate. If you are lucky enough and got loads of extra money to spend on, Of course it’s entirely up to you to throw an extravagant function at a luxury 5 star hotel with all your friends and family invited. But if you are broke in that month and still want to plan that perfect fun event, then you should definitely follow the budget friendly party tips mentioned below.

Firstly, deciding the place is the toughest part .Because today renting a nice place demands more why not at your home? Yes! You heard that right. You spent your entire life in your home and you got numerous special memories attached to it .Therefore planning your special day at home is one of the best options .Now you can fit in all your friends and family members without any worries about the restriction to invite maximum number of invitees which you would find at most of those fancy hotels. You are the rule maker here. Hence you are free to make your own rules and regulations without being bossed by anyone after wasting so much cash on a venue.

Picking up the theme is another important box to tick before your born day .Depending on your taste and interest it is your choice to decide .You can either google about different themes or go for a random idea with simple and minimal party decorations. But just remember instead of hiring some professional expert, doing everything on your own is a great way of cost cutting. You can also ask ideas from your close buddies and get their help for free of charge. Also, do not procrastinate until the last minute because chances are you might get panicked and try to choose the easy way of hiring someone to do it for you. Thus, take your time and plan it months ahead so you got ample time to make your theme even better.

Food and Beverages
Instead of doing it the usual way of giving the responsibility to some catering agency and stay chilled out at your house. Try to do something different this time. Preparing your own short eats, appetizers, main meal and cocktails will not only help you in budget vise but also help you in learning something new and receive compliments and appreciation for your hard work. The best way to do this is by doing your own grocery shopping .Check out the super markets close by they usually have all the cheap party supplies in Singapore. Therefore at one stop you will be able to buy all the necessary things you need for your theme and all the ingredients to prepare your food and beverages for the guests.

These are the three main things to keep in my mind to throw a great budget birthday party!