How To Start Your Own Agency?

If you have a knack for marketing and possess excellent skills to advertise your clients in a presentable manner, then starting your own agency is the perfect career option to choose. However, you could think outside the box and start a venture wherein you hire workers from various fields and advertise it to the clients who could use their services. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Choose your areaYou do not have to recruit people from hundreds of different job roles in order to diversify your services. Decide on your target audience and note the services that they may require. Thereafter, decide on the workers that you may have to recruit at your agency. For example: you could provide: cleaning staff, painters, electrician services in Singapore, carpenters, gardeners, movers and furniture cleaners. This way, you have a variety of staff, yet you do not have too many people from different job roles to handle.

Advertise accuratelyOnce you have decided on the services you have to offer and your target audience. It is important to choose you marketing strategy wisely. Decide on the places where your audience is most likely to view the advertisements and avoid wasting money on advertising at the wrong places. You could choose online pages and groups which your target audience is a part of and start posting ads on such pages in order to increase your exposure. Moreover, ensure that the advertisements do not appear boring and too lengthy. Make it to the point yet include all the necessary information.

Check workers credibilitySince you are playing the middle man and making a commission off the workers wage and client’s payment, you are solely responsible for the quality of work done by the worker. The client would probably be hiring the worker based on your guarantee, therefore it is your duty to check the worker’s qualifications and past records of work done previously. Ensure that you hire a reliable electrician, as any error with the circuit could result in disastrous consequences and maintenance of electrical systems. In addition, it is equally important to hire efficient cleaning staff and gardeners, in order to avoid complaints from the clients.

BudgetAn agency does not require a lavish office or a large number of staff members. Therefore, avoid spending too much money on expensive office furniture or over-qualified staff members. A simple workspace with good quality phones and 3-4 well-spoken staff members to handle the phone calls are more than enough. This would help reduce your costs and help avoid overcharging from the clients in order to meet the target commission amount.

Starting an agency is an easy yet profitable business as most of the work is done on the phone by taking down the client’s requirements and matching it to the available services that you have to offer. Therefore, find the right workers and advertise at the appropriate places and watch your business flourish!