How To Incorporate Japanese Simplicity In Your House

After a long day of work and having to go back and forth to the schools for the kids activities, we all look forward to come home to some peace. But if your house is full of junk and things lying around this will only make you more stressed. Japanese interior styles focus more on having very less amount of everything and simplicity is the key. There are few ways that you can incorporate this simplicity in your house as well.

Open layouts

In Japan interior design minimalis uses a concept called ‘ma’ which is similar to an open layout. It can be seen that less walls there are the house looks bigger and brighter. When you have too many walls separating the living room, dining table and reading rooms from the floor plan it makes each room look more cluttered. But by making more open plans the place could look very big and it gives the sense of freedom as well. So if your house looks cluttered try knocking down the walls between the dining and living room and even the reading room and the living room. This will give a bigger space in the area.

Less furniture and clutter

Even if you use an open plan concept, if you are a hoarder the simplicity concept doesn’t quite work. For interior design minimalis in Jakarta concept to work you need to be able to have the minimal amount of furniture. If you need storage spaces avoid buying too many bulky cupboards instead buy one big cupboard with a lot of drawers and space to put your things. Avoid buying a lot of different chairs instead buy one big sofa set to suit the area. De-clutter the house. Put all the magazines and other ornaments in a hidden storage space and keep only necessary items within reach.

Light up the place

Gloomy and dark areas will give haunted look to the house. Avoid using dark curtains and dark paints in the house. Instead use light and natural colours on the walls and the curtains. Make sure you have plenty of windows to get enough natural light during the day and use light bulbs that give a natural light in the night. When the house is gloomy and dark it doesn’t cheer up the mood instead it gives a sleepy and lazy feeling. If you wake up to a clean and well lit up house it could change your tired mood in to a more relaxed mood. Also make sure you use carpets and flooring of very light colour.