Hosting An Engagement Party – Things To Consider

When throwing an engagement party, you need to be careful with the planning. There is no need for the engagement party to be grand since you have wedding organize. However, this does not mean that you must make it too simple either. It is important to make the party fun and memorable in order to get everyone excited about the wedding. When planning the party, make sure to consider the following.

The invites

Engagement parties are usually considered as private functions since they are only hosted for a limited crowd. You cannot afford to invite everyone since you will have to do the same for the wedding too. This can affect your expenses. Therefore, make sure to only invite your most personal friends and colleagues. This way, you can manage the cost and can also have a great time.

The budget

Make sure that the budget for the party is reasonable and affordable. If you spend too much on the engagement itself, you will be bankrupt by the time of the wedding. Therefore, spend only for the most essential needs. For instance, you definitely have to buy champagne since it is welcome drink that must be served at every party. However, do not offer both champagne and other drinks since it can increase the budget.

The food

Although your guests will be there to wish you luck, the also come to fill their tummies. So, it is your responsibility to ensure that their taste buds are satisfied. It is best to use the help of a catering service for the meals since you would not want to tire yourself at your own party. It is best to buy champagne in Singapore yourself since this way you choose a high quality one. If you have the time, you can make the starters and deserts by yourself too.


These days, most people who visit parties have a tendency to avoid the festivities. They stayed glued to their phones and mind their own business. This can look bad on the host since it will mean that his/her hosting is unsatisfactory. So, you need to make sure that the party is lively and happening. Choosing the right music is the best way to achieve this. Make sure that the playlist consists of songs that that will influence people to hit the dance floor.

If you are able to figure out these four essentials, then you can be assured that you will throw an amazing engagement party. In the midst of all the planning, do not forget to enjoy yourselves too.