Different Kinds Of Storage Solutions To Explore

Today there is a pressing need for innovative storage solutions as most modern homes are built in compact spaces. With small spaces the interior designers have gone more creative and offering their customers built in closet, cabinet spaces which are inbuilt into the walls so that no extra floor space is taken up and adequate storage space is created at the same time. For those who are struggling to accommodate their things in a small space, here are some options to explore.

Garage space

One of the spaces that we often do not think about is garage space. You could add on storage shelves along the walls and on overhead areas in order to add on to the utility of the room. Items that are required, but not seldom can be stacked in the garage space. You might want to cover the items and store them in this space to ensure that they do not rot away from moisture, dirt and mold. You could add a shoe cabinet Singapore in this space to store winter shoes and the bulky shorts equipments.

Trunks and suitcases

Another innovative way to increase storage space in your home is to put luggage and trunks to work. You could get decorative trunks or plain ones where bedding and upholstery could be stocked and the trunks used as sitting room décor or sitting areas by themselves. Nowadays futons and shoe cabinet are all the rage due to the storage capacity they provide.

Make more use of wardrobe space

Have you seen that many wardrobes and closets have vertical space that remains unused? You might not need to call in a carpenter in order to add to the shelves. Nowadays adjustable and portable shelves, hanger rods and hooks are easily available in the market and can help you make optimal utilization of dead space in the wardrobes and cupboards in kitchens. The kitchen cabinets can effectively benefit from the addition of spice racks which will help you to arrange and stock the different spice containers and have them in a spot together for easy access.

Open shelves

Nowadays there are many forms of open shelves that can be bought and added to walls in any room. You could have hanging shelves next to your bed to keep the books you like to read or place a bed lamp on it as well. Shelves on the walls of your living room could help you get the music system or the speakers out of the way. These shelves usually come in tier form or other designs to make them room accessories and part of the room décor as well and add functionality in the form of storage solution.