Common Interview Questions You Can Expect From Any HR Manager

Every HR manager happens to have a set of his or her own favorite questions. These questions are intended not only to know more about you but also to gain an understanding about how efficient you will be in meeting the organizational goals. Here are some such common questions which you must be prepared to answer in an interview.
“Tell me about yourself.” It is a classic question that every HR manager will start with. If you don’t want to be forgotten as yet another employee in the payroll software, ensure you describe yourselves in the best possible manner using short sentences. Do not exaggerate since it is possible for the employer to do a background check and find out if you have been bluffing all the while.
“Why do you want to work hire?” Simply put, the manager is trying to see if you are going to be just another employee identification number in the payroll software or someone who has the drive to go beyond what is required to achieve results. Ensure that you always answer in the positive to this question. Explain how your interests align with the company’s requirements and why you will be a perfect match for the position.

“What are you reading?” In case you have mentioned reading as a hobby in your resume, be prepared to answer this question in a fluent manner. Stammer or search for an author’s name and you are sure to be shown the door. Hence, do some homework and work on the synopsis of the books that you have read and felt good about. And, bear in mind that HR managers tend to give more points for those candidates who read to improve themselves. 
“Tell me a joke that won’t hurt anyone.” Perhaps, this is the best chance for you to break the ice with the manager. It will also help prove to the manager that you are somebody who can think on your feet and someone who is fun to work with. The internet has heaps of neat and decent jokes that doesn’t offend anyone but can definitely help the ice between two people.
“If money was free, what will you be doing as an occupation?” This is a tricky situation that the HR manager is throwing in to see if you are really interested in taking up the job. Ensure that you reply something in similar lines of your job responsibilities. Anything on the contrary indicates that you do the job for the sake of money and with no sincere dedication.
Keep in mind that these are just some of the common questions that HR managers are bound to repeat. Ensure that you answer them in the best possible manner to leave an impression that will fetch you the job.