7 Ways To Plan Your Wedding

Wedding is always a huge budget plan and so having a cost-effective wedding is no less than a challenge. So, here comes the planning of your wedding completely in a budget-friendly way. Have a look at the ways discussed below.

Wedding decoration, hiring nuptials photographer, venue, food items and many other matters you have to decide previously. Before we start, one thing is to mention first that you have to think of the budget plan and then proceed. How much you can spend for the ceremony, will determine your style.

The 7 cool ways to arrange your wedding

1. Wedding decoration: For your wedding decoration, think about the ceiling in the beginning. The ceiling of the venue will look the best when you start draping with the fabrics and bit of orchids. Generally, people love the color like white for its traditional value and authenticity. If you are in love with the vibrant look, choose the yellow fabrics. Champagne gold will provide you with an elegant rather aristocrat look.

2. Wedding photo shooter: A wedding photographer is a must-have for the special ceremony. We suggest having a second shooter so that every moment can be captured. This will not exceed your budget but will help you arrange a hassle-free photography in your wedding.

3. Patterned pillows: Your wedding ceremony must be decorated as per the number of guests present in the list. That is why we always suggest you to find the venues with the proper guest list at hand. For an easier seating arrangement, keep the couches ready with colorful pillows of different patterns of fabrics.

4. Bulletin board: Convention of escort cards with the table number of invitees is no more applicable. Put up bulletin boards and write all the detailed seating arrangements on it. Keep it in the entrance, so that the guests can come to know about it while they enter the wedding venue.

5. Magic of the pom-pom: Clustered pom-poms will help your wedding venue look more beautiful and undoubtedly, your guests will love this innovative arrangement.

6. Cutleries and other supplies: Wedding party supplies will help you in controlling the budget and you can go for hiring the serving bowls, isles, attractive table runners, chair covers and all types of cutleries. For a modern and creative design of menu, go for the calligraphic ones rather than the traditional ideas. Ensure the printing with cursive letters or you may opt for handwriting menu too.

7. Lampshades: Modern lampshades will add more vibrancy to your wedding ceremony. Formal set of chairs and tables will get more elegance with these lampshades. String lights, LED lights or the skylights – choose any of them.