Tattoo Removal – Regret Nothing

Ink on your skin is permanent. Although removable, they are not completely removable without a trace of them. A removed tattoo will always leave a mark behind, a scar even, to remind you of the stupid decision you made that led you to regret and even frustration. 

This is why it is advisable to always go to a talented artist with a good portfolio to get your skin inked by. Look online and do ample research before you decide on whom you want to go to. Ask your friends for recommendations and even drop by these artists’ studios to check their work and the planning together. Find someone whom you are comfortable with, someone who listens to you and you feel like you can work with.

Ideally settling for the cheapest is not a good way to go about when getting ink. The good artists are usually expensive but saving up and getting the job done by a reputed artist would spare you of the hassle of having to make trips to the clinic to have your skin roasted with a laser gun.

Although there are other restylane skinboosters Singapore methods, this is by far considered the most effective (and, of course, most expensive). Laser removal takes up to 3 -4 sessions to fade away a dark tattoo. The number of sittings however depends on the size and a number of other factors. Although effective, this method is painful and is believed to give blisters, irritations and other reactions if you have sensitive skin.

Extreme methods

Other than the safe path of course, there are other DIY tattoo removal options. Skin grafting is one such method which leaves a scar. Salabrasion is another way of removing ink off your skin but this is likely to leave a scar too. Salabrasion basically refers to the act of rubbing a tattoo off one’s skin by using salt and water. By putting salt on the tattoo, one starts rubbing the tattoo until the skin peels off and you’re left bleeding. Sometimes when the first layer of skin is removed, the ink which in the layer below too gets removed thereby causing a wound. After 2-3 days, the wound starts healing with a scab forming over the affected area and when the scab falls off, there will be a visible change in the tattoo where it will be significantly lighter than it was before.

While this method is unsafe and is most likely to lead to complications, it is still widely practised by those who cannot afford having ink laser-removed. Another method that is extreme is burning the tattoo with a curling iron. As gruesome as it sounds, the burn leads for the skin to break and the ink to fade away.

In both the cases having the wounds properly and professionally dressed is advisable. The burning will however only make the ink lighter but in order to remove it completely, repeating would be needed. Check this out for more information about thread lift Singapore.