5 Ideas to beautify small kitchens

Being able to design your house is a part of life’s goals of every person. Kitchen is a main component of a house and for all food lovers it is similar to the holy shrine. Here are some ideas to make your tiny kitchen look as beautiful as the ones on magazines.

1 Sculptural Island

A small island in the kitchen will make more room as well as giving you a way to use your inner designer and add something unique to the kitchen without making it look out of place.

There are a variety of ways to adjust a kitchen island, such as by changing its height, size or shape or by using a different material than the rest of the kitchen. Materials like different marble types, wood, steel or even glass can be used. You can make your own kitchen island or order custom made fancy ones from interior design Changi Road companies.

2 Open shelving

Most of us are used to having shelves to open and close. This has been a traditional practice to keep pests, dust and dirt away from the food stuffs and cutlery that we usually store in them. But with the new changing trends, open shelving is an idea that has popped up in the recent kitchen design brochures.

Using shelves and cabinets without doors will give the space a sense of comfort and also increase convenience as it will reduce time going through shelves to find something and make it easier to stack things.

3 Custom design murals

If there are any spaces around the kitchen, in odd and inaccessible places usually, and you would like to have something to fill it up, using a custom design tile or wallpaper mural will add color and sweetness to the kitchen.

There are interior design companies that do custom designing depending on your size, color and theme preferences. Add a floral vine or contemporary shapes design to that corner on top of the cupboard that looks too plain.

4 Saturation

Use bright colors and woody designs to add saturation to the small space and make it look lively. Adding lacquer can also help make the shine come out in the kitchen.

If using pastel shades or regular colors like white or cream for your walls, use bright colors on your cabinets or plate sets to make some color pop out and drag admiring eyes.

5 Patterned floors

To bring in feelings of envy and appreciation from your guests, add flavorful floors on your tiny kitchen. Stripes, squares, circles and other trendy designs can be painted or tiled on the floor. You can match the floor to your furniture, cabinets or even the ceiling and use matching colors to give it a feeling of familiarity.

Small and cute is a thing nowadays and add those descriptions to your kitchen by trying different colors, shelves and floors to decorate your kitchen.