Your Media Files – Yours Only

We all have had a folder in our phones which had some sort of a password or security code that restricted our friends, family or relatives to log into it and see what’s in there. It could either be something very crucial to be hidden or something that’s not even worth hiding but whatever it is, we considered that file of photos, audio, video or documents had to be kept in our deal. This is the privacy we need for our devices and our files.

The best way to keep your important documents out of reach from other people is by using the best digital lock. Even most of our mobile phones today use this security feature enabling us to leave our phone anywhere with any of our friends assuring that, he or she cannot access unnecessary information in your mobile. There are mainly 3 benefits that make this system better than other methods for basic, personal as well as professional purposes. Let’s get into them through a quick browse without in depth detailing.

1) Impossible to Guess

When access code is in several combinations of numbers, it is pretty impossible to guess or assume the code into the device. If the code is an 8 key word, it takes a lot of number combinations to try for a person to access it, unless it’s a hacker fully committed into breaking into the device.

2) Moderately Flexible

Unlike in biometric methods, where the person has to exist to unlock certain property or information safe that can result in a lot of trouble as well as cost at the death or resignation of the authorized person but in place of a digital lock it is quite different since it is not as complex like the biometric method. It is not operating in an extreme safety corner or extremely low security corner which makes it possible to work a bit more flexible than others.

3) Affordability

In terms of cost perspective, these are much more affordable than other security devices as they require a lot of money to purchase the hardware needed the other components as well as installation cost of each item. When it comes to small to medium scale business operations, it is best when they can be secured well with a reasonable cost since they don’t require highly expensive devices.

When choosing which mode of security method to use to protect your files, best way is to think on the purpose, scale of business operation, cost of initial installation, maintenance as well as replacement and make a decision. Your media files are only for your use; don’t let anyone take over your rights.