Blackjack – Side Rules

The basic rules of the game include rules about the equipment, betting, winning, the deal and finally the show down. One must also be familiar with the game objective to play well. Apart from the main regulations – which everyone is usually aware of – one must also pay attention to the side rules of the game. Remember that these side rules can only be used after the deal, before pursuing any more cards. Given below are the most commonly practiced side rules in blackjack.


If the dealer’s face-up card turns out to be an ace, all players will get to bet on the possibility of the being a blackjack or otherwise. This betting must be done before the next player takes his/her turn. This wager is used to equalize the original bet and eliminates the possibility of losing. Winning an insurance bet is beneficial for the player since he/she will be paid at the odds of 2:1. Since the original bet is already lost, the player will be able to break evenly.


This rule must only be used if the player’s hand is bad compared to that of the dealer. In such as scenario, the player with a bad hand can give up the hand – that is surrender – and reclaim his/her part of the part. The rest of the money, according to casino game rules, will become uncontested. In some situations, say during a live blackjack casino game, surrenders are not permitted. For instance, if the dealer has a blackjack, surrender cannot be called and consequently, the player can lose the entire bet.


The player will get the opportunity to split the hand in two if his/her starting cards are of the same value. Once the player decides to split the hand, the dealer will immediately deal a second card to each hand. In a live blackjack casino game, the player will have to play both hands separately after the splitting. That is, only after the first hand comes to a stand or bust situation can the player move on to the second hand.

Doubling Down

If the player is confident that his/her hand is better and will beat the dealer’s, he/she can double the original bet. The player is permitted to double down for any amount as long as the amount is within the original bet. Once the player makes the decision to double down he/she will only get one last card from the dealer.

The above mentioned side rules can be applied and used for complicated betting strategies to increase the player’s chance of winning.